The "Unhooked Generation" Party Series

There is an old adage that says “familiarity breeds contempt”. The “Unhooked Generation” party series is an escape from said familiarity. It’s a movement designed for people who like things a little left of center. With it’s name taken from a classic soul record and inspired by the 80’s Downtown art scene in NYC, where trailblazers in music, art and fashion came together, exchanged ideas and celebrated non-conformity, the “Unhooked Generation” party series seeks to partner with like minds in other cities worldwide in all facets of media, from art and music, to food, film and fashion. Resident DJ Applejac, along with special guests, will curate sounds ranging from straight ahead Jazz to Soulful House and everything in between; from well known classics and rare grooves, to music of talented newcomers who also deserve some spins. We all need to “unplug” from time to time, and “Unhooked Generation” is the perfect getaway. Red or blue pill. The choice is yours…

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