The Playlist Retreat 2016

Applejac has put in work. In an era when everyone proclaims to be a DJ, true skills and a love for good records sets him apart. In a city where make-believe TV trumps reality, and music culture is created by both imposters and innovators, Applejac is the genuine article.


The truth is that Applejac has been doing this. Since his induction into the Zulu Nation in 1992 to his monthly Unhooked Generation party, and various gigs across the nation, Applejac’s status as one of Atlanta’s most unsung DJs is at once well-deserved and frustratingly accurate.


That’s why it shouldn’t be a surprise that he was among the exclusive group of music producers and DJs invited to the 2016 Jazzy Jeff Playlist Retreat.


According to Jazzy Jeff’s site, the “Playlist Retreat is an intimate gathering of progressive artists for the purpose of inspiration, motivation and collaboration.”


It’s “for people who put creativity before everything,” according to Jazzy Jeff himself.


Sponsored by Serato, Roland, Go Pro, Southwest Airlines, Red Bull, Ableton, V-Moda Headphones, Sound Exchange and more, the Playlist Retreat is an invite-only affair at the Grammy-winning producer’s home in Delaware, reserved specifically for those who’ve made continuous and significant contributions to DJ culture.



Think DJ Aktive. Cosmo Baker. Aloe Blacc. DJ Babu. Gwen Bunn. Daniel Crawford. DJ Day. Natasha Diggs. Stro Elliot. DJ Excel. Chris Karns. Eric Lau. Glenn Lewis. Lord Finesse. Masego. Steve Mckie. Ali Shaheed Muhammad. J. Period. Tess Pretty (Tennyson). James Poyser. Eric Roberson. Rhymefest. Shortkut. DJ Spinna. DJ Mell Starr...


You get the picture. All have have been past participants.


That puts Applejac in esteemed company, especially considering this is only the Retreat’s second year.


“It was the greatest musical experience I’ve had in my entire career,” Applejac says. “To meet and make authentic connections with so many artists, DJs, producers and musicians I’ve been a fan of, and meeting new artists that I became fans of at the retreat was just amazing.”


“The friendships and camaraderie forged there is something I won’t ever forget. Looking forward to next year already. ”


The truth is that good music matters. The people who make it are part of the fabric of our lives, whether we realize it or not. That’s why Atlanta salutes DJ Applejac — for every good record he’s spun and every good vibe he’s shared.


 -Chante LaGon

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